Finally! my Konjac sponge review… I wanted to use it time enough in order to give my honest and strong opinion…
I purchased the Konjac pink french clay,
the sponge includes French pink clay that has cleansers, exfoliants, moisturizers and conditioners effects.

This is he perfect facial sponge for sensitive easily irritated, hypersensitive skin. Pink clay is a mix of red and white clay Pink clay is soft, it is recommended for tired, sensitive & dehydrated skins. It helps to turn rough and hardened skin into soft and radiant skin, rejuvenating and plumping and helping return the skins natural elasticity . Excellent for skin that has had lots of sun exposure

We find the sponge comes already wet in the bag and we also have a brochure in English

And here we go!!! the sponge! size is great! it’s bigger than expected!…I have big hands anyway…

Here is a clearer picture so you can see the texture:

What is Konjac Sponge?

Well … yes … a sponge … but not any sponge …it’s a sponge … 100% natural and biodegradable … made ​​from Konjac fiber extracted from the root of a potato, Konnyaku, which is consumed in Japan for centuries and which is composed of 97% water and 3% of glucomannan, rich in minerals and low in calories … interesting, huh? As these properties are present in the sponge Konjac, we are dealing with a sponge:
– 100% natural
– 100% colorants and additives free
– 100% biodegradable – Sustainable and safe for the environment
– Suitable for all skin types .. even the most sensitive

Instructions for use:

The sponge is already wet in the bag, we have to rinse it and it’s ready to use … can be used alone or with your usual cleanser if you use the cleanser … remember to use less quantity than normally, because the sponge itself cleanses the skin and helps to foam … you have to massage the skin with circular movements … the feeling is really nice … like a tingling … I can feel how the blood circulation activates … is incredible … as if you were giving yourself a good massage … I use it 3-4 minutes but it’s so nice … I could use it for hours!.

After using it you feel your skin clean, very cool and smooth, I love the feeling it leaves on the skin. The more you use it the better skin! My skin tone is better… brighter … softer … I love it! I must say I have hypersensitive facial skin and have not had any problems with the Konjac …it has become a MUST for me!

Also after use,rinse it again and leave it in a ventilated area if possible, or at least in a dry place and away from humidity and bacteria … You should not squeeze or wring the sponge… just rinse and gently remove excess water … if you do not use daily and the sponge becomes completely dry, like a pumice stone texture, quite rough, we just need to soak it in warm water to return to its soft texture and it’s ready to use.

The sponge looses its properties with time and use, so, when you note it begins to break down or it is not effective anymore it’s time to replace it!

For sure I will get myself a new sponge that comes in handy for sun-exposed skin … and you know … in Canary islands we have summer almost the whole year so…and I also want to try other varieties because I really love this one!

Did you experience any skin problems after using the sponge?

No, none. I have hypersensitive skin and I have not experienced any problems such as itching,redness or irritation.


ALL! my skin is much better since I’m using the Konjac sponge, brighter, more juicy, more clean and healthy.




I LOVE it!!! it has certainly been a great discovery!

Would you purchase it again?


Where to buy?

Although there are several websites that sells Konjac I purchased it at www.konjacspongecompany.com Here you can find the best price…it costs  £5.75 so 6.53€ aprox. y and shipping costs  £1.45, 1.65€ aprox.
Great customer service…fast shipping from UK to Canary islands in just a week!

Thank you so much for being here! I hope this review helps! If you have questions please feel free to contact me!

If you’re interested here you have a little intro to Konjac sponges…you can see you have several choices according to your skin needs HERE

  1. ObeBlog dice:

    Tengo muchísimas ganas de probarla, a ver si me decido ya a pedirmela!!


  2. anniitta dice:

    Chiqui, cierro mi blog, como ya te dije ando entre médicos, y me van a tener de cobaya un tiempecillo, y vamos no voy a tener tiempo de publicar entradas y demás, y bueno no quería irme sin despedirme antes, de todos modos iré entrando en el tuyo, a ver cuando publicas cosillas….. jajajajajaja, q tiempo para echarlas un ojo fijo q tengo ;-), besines!!!!


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